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VIDEO: Early Morning in Martinique

The early morning in Martinique is different. The sounds are different, the light is different. There is the charming chirp of the tree frog; the light hues purple. In Trois Ilets, one looks over the bay toward Fort-de-France, a city ready […]


VIDEO: 12 Seconds on the Beach in Martinique

When it comes to beaches, Martinique has a wide variety: from dazzling white sand to mysterious volcanic beaches at the foot of Mont Pelee. So here’s a little Caribbean moment in the heart of a very snowy winter. This is […]


VIDEO: Finding a Little Shade on the Beach in Martinique

Anses d’Arlets — it’s arguably the beach capital of Martinique, and tucked away in the corner of the main beach in town is a tiny collection of beach bars and restaurants. They all have their own claims to fame: fish, […]


Barack Obama’s Caribbean Restaurant

The Buck Stops Ici By Alexander Britell MARTINIQUE — Burst onto the scene in 2008, new, exciting, unprecedented. Now, a part of history. I’m talking, of course, about a seafood restaurant in Sainte Luce, Martinique, the one that shares its name […]

VIDEO: On the Sea at the Hotel Bakoua in Martinique

Hotel Bakoua Martinique

One of the best hotels in Martinique, the Hotel Bakoua is also home to some seriously good bars, none more famous than its Coco Bar, a floating “bungalow” bar extending into the bay of Fort de France. Plainly, it’s a […]

VIDEO: Why This Might Be the Perfect Caribbean Rum Distillery

Deep in the north of Martinique, in a rainforest, at the foot of a fearsome volcano, it is there. Rhum JM, a distillery that produces some of the best rum in all of the West Indies. There is a way […]


Rum Journal: Another Interesting Variety From Rhum Saint James

It’s practically a given: when you open a bottle of Martinique’s Rhum Saint James, you’ll find a high-quality, great-tasting rhum agricole.  But what’s also a given is something a bit more rare: whatever the age, whatever the vintage, St James […]

VIDEO: 18 Seconds That Will Make You Want to Visit Martinique

best beaches in the caribbean

It’s one of the most fascinating places in the Caribbean — and one of the most beautiful. And when it comes to Martinique’s beaches, one area is king: the group of sandy stretches known as Les Anses d’Arlet. So take […]

Rum Journal: A Caribbean Overwater Bungalow Bar

You may be familiar with the overwater bungalow, one of the great fantasies of travelers the world over, though usually found in Polynesia — not in the Caribbean. That’s where one clever hotel in Martinique has you covered. One of the […]


Rum Journal: A Great Rum Bar in Martinique

By Alexander Britell TROIS ILETS — You know you’ve ordered properly when the barman leaves to fetch the key. At the wonderful Le Gommier bar at the Hotel Bakoua in Martinique, it’s hard not to make the right choice — […]

A Major Increase in Flights to Martinique

By the Caribbean Journal staff It’s about to get a whole lot easier to fly to one Caribbean island. As the Caribbean tourist season ramps into high gear, Martinique is readying for a significant boost in air traffic. The French Caribbean department will […]

A New Affordable Caribbean Bungalow Hotel

By the Caribbean Journal staff There’s a new bungalow hotel in the Caribbean. It’s called Village de la Pointe, and it’s a new affordable hotel on the French Caribbean island of Martinique. The property consists of 80 cottages all priced […]


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