The 10 Best Adventure Hotels in the Caribbean

adventure hotels caribbeanJungle Bay in Dominica.
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A journey through the rainforest to a Mayan temple. A rugged hike to a 200-foot-wide boiling lake. A dive into the heart of a blue hole. 

Far beyond the beach, there’s another side of the Caribbean, of mountains and rainforests and frontiers. Whether you’re exploring the untouched outback of Andros or venturing through the Belizean rainforest, the Caribbean’s natural environment is one of the world’s great adventure destinations, blessed with a surfeit of unforgettable experiences. 

And certain hotels in the region make adventure their specialty, both in their design and their itineraries, drawing travelers searching for new ways to enjoy the Caribbean ecosystem. 

Here are the best adventure hotels in the Caribbean. 

Small Hope Bay Lodge, Andros, The Bahamas The ultimate Caribbean adventure hotel. This legendary resort is set on South Andros in The Bahamas, a portal to every adventure you can imagine: bonefishing and deep sea fishing; diving and snorkeling; nature tours across caves and blue holes; birding; kayaking; and the feeling of discovering one of the great untouched wildernesses in all of the Caribbean. 

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