15 Caribbean “Hideaway” Beaches to Discover in 2022

caribbean beaches hideawayWhite Bay, a sandbar off the coast of Great Exuma in The Bahamas.
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Even at the most popular beaches in the Caribbean, you can always find your own space. 

But right now, sometimes travelers are looking for a little extra seclusion; a little more distance from other people. 

That’s where these Caribbean beaches come in: we call them “hideaway” beaches — some of them are easy to get to, some a bit remote; but at these stretches of sand, you’ll often feel like you have the entire beach to yourself.

Here are our favorite Caribbean hideaway beaches to check out in 2022. 

caribbean beaches hideaway
White Bay in Exuma.

White Bay, Exuma, The Bahamas There are scores of places to hide away in Exuma, the electric blue archipelago in The Bahamas that’s home to the most beautiful water in all of the Caribbean. But we’re particularly fond of White Bay, a sandbar set off the southwestern coast of Great Exuma that you need to hire a bone fishing guide to reach. But when you get there, you’ll feel like you have an entire ocean to yourself. 

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