The 10 Best Caribbean Beach Towns to Visit in 2022

best caribbean beach townsLe Diamant in Martinique.
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A parade of cafes at the edge of the sand; tiny bars and art galleries; a soundtrack of clacking plates and mopeds and afternoon laughter, silent and loud in all the right ways.

Across the wider Caribbean one can find some of the most charming beach towns in the hemisphere; they’re not quite cities, they’re a bit more than villages.

They’re energetic and teeming with personality. But most crucially, they’re right on the beach. 

Here are our favorite beach towns worth making a trip to in 2022. 

st martin grand case
Grand Case.

Grand Case, Saint Martin Simply put, it’s the Grande Dame of Caribbean beach towns. This tiny beachfront village just so happens to be home to the highest density of fine-dining restaurants of any place in the Caribbean, with an almost impossibly wonderful collection of eateries, all perched right above a terrific stretch of sand looking out at Anguilla. Even better? It’s home to one of the Caribbean’s most legendary hotels, the outstanding Grand Case Beach Club. 

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