Rum Journal: A Spectacular Spiced Rum

Not too long ago, the world of spiced rum was largely dominated by one major player: Captain Morgan. The company’s high-volume rum is one of the world’s most popular spirits, but as far as spiced rum goes, it’s not particularly […]


Rum Journal: This Might Be the World's Best White Rum

ABOUT A year ago, Rum Journal took on a challenge. We were planning a wide tasting to determine the best white rums in the world. We put together a group of white rums from many of the world’s top producers. […]


Rum Journal: Novo Fogo Barrel-Aged Cachaca From Brazil

FAR SOUTH of the Caribbean, past Martinique, past Barbados, miles away from the cane fields of the West Indies, there is another kind of cane spirit. It’s called cachaca, a sugar cane distillate that, like the French Caribbean’s rhum agricole, […]


Rum Journal: Tasting the Caribbean's Strongest Rum

THE BARMAN reaches down for the bottle, appearing to look over his shoulder. This rum is only available for those who ask, he says. Why? “They call it plane fuel.” And when you taste it, you’ll soon think that the […]

Rum Journal: The Art of Tasting Rum

By Robert Burr Rum Journal Special Contributor You like rum. You like the way it tastes. Perhaps you enjoy a variety of different styles of rum. Rums from many islands, territories, categories. Me too. So, what better job might we […]

Rum Journal: Tasting Costa Rica's Ron Centenario 20

THIS EDITION of Rum Journal travels to the western border of the Caribbean basin, and a rather interesting rum from Costa Rica. This column has featured a number of high-quality rums from Central America – from Guatemala’s Zacapa to Nicaragua’s […]


Rum Journal: Tasting Don Q Gran Añejo Puerto Rican Rum

Although Bacardi is perhaps Puerto Rico’s more famous rum export, it’s Don Q that is the more popular at home, in terms of sales. And like Bacardi, the company has a long, storied history. Cataluña’s Don Juan Serrallés began the […]

Rum Journal: Tasting Guatemala's Ron Botran Solera 1893

GUATEMALA HAS RISEN to become one of the world’s rum production hubs — from Ron Zacapa to Zaya, which was made in the country until moving its production (and Guatemalan recipe) to Trinidad. But a longtime player is Ron Botran, […]


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