Rum Journal: This Might Be the World’s Best White Rum


ABOUT A year ago, Rum Journal took on a challenge. We were planning a wide tasting to determine the best white rums in the world.

We put together a group of white rums from many of the world’s top producers.

Then a problem emerged — we couldn’t complete the tasting.

To be frank, many white rums, on their own, just don’t taste very good.

They belong in mixers, whether with coke, juice or the like. They aren’t for sipping. (That’s not the case with white rhums agricoles, however, many of which taste great either neat or on the rocks).

So when we were faced with the newest offering from Captain Morgan, Captain Morgan White Rum, we were skeptical to say the least.

Captain Morgan, produced in St Croix, USVI, is the second most popular rum in the world in terms of sales, following Bacardi. It’s known, of course, for its signature spiced rum.

Intrigued, we bought a bottle. And when we tasted it, we were shocked.

It had a light aroma of vanilla, candied fruit and alcohol; a flavour profile of pineapple, watermelon and candied fruit.

The finish was smooth — it had a sugary, fruity aftertaste that was a welcome departure from the typically unpleasant finish of the vast majority of white rums. Gone was the common “alcohol” finish.

Simply put, this is a wonderful white rum.

But there is one crucial question for any new white rum on the market: is it better than the market leader, Bacardi Superior white rum?

The answer is a resounding yes. It’s better.

It’s smooth (without that headache-inducing quality so many white rums share when consumed neat), playful and, most importantly, sippable.

That’s right — it tastes good by itself, on the rocks. It’s even refreshing.

And that’s a serious accomplishment for a white rum.

The verdict? This just might be the world’s best white rum.

— CJ


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