Rum Journal: Two Indies Rum


It’s the world’s largest rum market: no, not the Caribbean.

Actually, it’s India, where more rum is consumed each year than anywhere else in the world.

Now, a company called Amrut is bringing the Indian rum sensibility to the Caribbean, with a rather innovative product called Two Indies Rum.

Yes, a rum that unites the East Indies and the West Indies.

As the name suggests, it’s a blend of rums: some Indian pot-still rum from India, or the “East Indies,” and some from a collection of rums from Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana.

Uniquely, the rum is batch crafted with something called Jaggery, a sweetener made from sugarcane juice, a process that is native to India.

So what’s the rum like?

It’s got a pleasantly sweet aroma of dried cherries, with a flavour profile marked by oak, dried fruit, Demerara sugar and a hint of wine.

The finish is mellow and sweet.

All in all, this is an interesting, rare rum and a must-add to any collection.

— CJ


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