Rum Journal: Tasting Guatemala’s Ron Botran Solera 1893


GUATEMALA HAS RISEN to become one of the world’s rum production hubs — from Ron Zacapa to Zaya, which was made in the country until moving its production (and Guatemalan recipe) to Trinidad.

But a longtime player is Ron Botran, which has the advantage of several area rums in that it is aged at a high altitude and includes sugar cane grown in the country’s rich volcanic soil – touted as so-called “high rum.”

But Botran, which is produced in the distillery that makes Zacapa, is unique in having a multiple-barrel aging process – the rums are aged in a pattern of American whiskey, re-charred American whiskey, sherry and then port barrels.

The company, which has been in Guatemala for more than 60 years, recently made an entry of its new Ron Botran Solera 1873, which includes rums aged from between five and 18 years.

BOTRAN SOLERA 1893 has a dark caramel colour, with an aroma of honey and caramel.

The taste? Superb. Botran combines the robust character of many rums from Barbados, while preserving the sweetness characteristic of many South and Central American rums.

Its flavour profile has hints of honey, pepper, molasses and the slightest suggestion of a citrus peel. On the rocks, the taste opens up the citrus flavour, along with hints of vanilla and oak.

A high rum in every sense in the word.

— CJ