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5 Tiny Islands for Your Next Caribbean Trip

They’re far from the crowds, far from the cruise ships, home to empty beaches and full glasses. These islands in the Caribbean are the way it all used to be, places where there is still the charm of discovery and […]


The Best Caribbean Cruise Ports For Shopping

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon CJ Travel Editor The best Caribbean ports don’t just give you a sample of the culture of the larger destination, they also provide worthy “shopportunities” at every price point. So if you want a tangible reminder of […]


5 Tiny Caribbean Islands to Visit Right Now


There aren’t any really “big” islands in the Caribbean — it’s all relative. But in the world of Caribbean travel, there are certainly small islands — and some even smaller than that. The latter are often far off the beaten path, […]

Caribbean Video

VIDEO: Anse Crawen, Terre de Haut, Guadeloupe

Our latest Caribbean moment is from a secluded beach on Terre de Haut in the Guadeloupe archipelago. This is Anse Crawen, a very long walk from the main port (we recommend renting a scooter or electric cart), but it’s worth […]

VIDEO: 10 Seconds on the Beach in Guadeloupe

We never get tired of Terre de Haut, the jewel of Les Saintes in the Guadeloupe archipelago. And there’s a simple reason: it’s a wonderful place, marked by white-sand beaches with calm, lapping waves. This is the beach in front […]

A Great Idea in Terre de Haut

A great afternoon By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon CJ Travel Editor It seemed like a good idea at the time. Our ship, Windstar Cruises’ Windsurf, had dropped anchor just offshore from Terre De Haut, one of the islands in Guadeloupe’s archipelago. Passengers […]


VIDEO: Your Own Little French Caribbean Beach

You may have heard of it: Terre de Haut, one of the tiny jewels of the French Caribbean, a little fishing village with its own island in the Guadeloupe archipelago. What you will find here, besides the Creole charm, the […]

VIDEO: The Caribbean Version of Sugarloaf

Yes, there’s one in Brazil. But there’s also a Sugarloaf in the Caribbean called Pain de Sucre, tucked in the heart of the French Caribbean. It takes a 15-minute rocky walk to get here, but when you arrive you find […]

VIDEO: A Room With a View in Guadeloupe

It’s straight out of a novel — or perhaps out of one you’ll be writing when you’re here. This is the charming little LoBleu Hotel on the island of Terre de Haut in the Guadeloupe archipelago. It’s a simple, affordable, […]


A Perfect Little Caribbean Island

The best-kept secret in the French Caribbean By Alexander Britell TERRE-DE-HAUT — It’s not hard to get here. But it’s hard enough. It’s a short, twice-daily ferry ride from the tall cliffs of Trois-Rivieres on Guadeloupe’s island of Basse-Terre. There […]

Caribbean Room With a View: Hotel Le Bois Joli, Terre de Haut

Above: the view from a hillside room at Le Bois Joli (All photos by CJ) It’s one of the jewels of the whole Caribbean: the tiny island of Terre de Haut in the Guadeloupe archipelago. Often described as a mini-St […]

9 Small Caribbean Islands You Need to Visit Right Now

We love every island in the Caribbean. But it’s often the very small ones that have that peculiar way of tugging at your heart. Maybe they’re small geographically, or they’re untouched, or they’re big islands with so few people that […]


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