9 Small Caribbean Islands You Need to Visit Right Now

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We love every island in the Caribbean. But it’s often the very small ones that have that peculiar way of tugging at your heart. Maybe they’re small geographically, or they’re untouched, or they’re big islands with so few people that they somehow feel small anyway. These are some of our favourite “small” islands in the Caribbean right now — in other words, the ones you need to visit right now.


Terre de Haut

Some call it a mini-St Barth, but this little jewel in the Guadeloupe archipelago has a laid-back, sometimes quirky, always charming quality all its own. Easily accessible by ferry from the main islands of Guadeloupe, it’s equally satisfying for a day trip or a week-long stay. Simply put, you’ll feel like it’s an island designed just for you, and it’s one of our favorites anywhere in the Caribbean.

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