5 Tiny Caribbean Islands to Visit Right Now

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There aren’t any really “big” islands in the Caribbean — it’s all relative. But in the world of Caribbean travel, there are certainly small islands — and some even smaller than that. The latter are often far off the beaten path, meaning you need to know how to get there and why. These little gems are small, pure and charming, full of all the things that make us travel in the first place: fascinating culture, warm people, or simply breathtaking scenery. These are the islands you escape to when other small islands get too big. Here are five tiny islands you should check out in the Caribbean right now.

sugar reef


The jewel of the Grenadines. This onetime whaling colony is now a funky, vibrant place, a West Indian islet with a playful kind of charm. This is a beautiful island, with quiet, untouched beaches, humble beach bars and jaw-dropping views. There are also a host of great places to stay, from the tony Firefly Plantation Bequia to the resort-style Bequia Beach Hotel to a CJ favorite, Sugar Reef. Bequia can be reached by air (use SVG Air) from around the Grenadines chain and Barbados, or by ferry from St Vincent. And since St Vincent is still building its international airport, that basically means you need to fly first to Barbados first to get here.

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