5 Places to Stay in Bermuda Right Now

united bermuda flights

World-class golf, pink-sand beaches and a unique kind of island charm. This is the best time of year to visit the island of Bermuda, and now several places to stay on the island are offering a complimentary extra night — or […]


VIDEO: One of the Most Beautiful Places in Dominica

It’s one of the most beautiful places in Dominica — Scotts Head, overlooking Soufriere Bay and the point where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean in the south of Dominica. It’s an ethereal place, with the tranquility of the […]


The Deepest Parts of the Caribbean Sea

Above: a dumbo octopus By the Caribbean Journal staff A new project by the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plans to go where no one has gone before — in the Caribbean Sea. A new project that launched Friday […]


Guyana Marriott Pushes Back Opening Date to February 2015

Above: a rendering of the Guyana Marriott By the Caribbean Journal staff Guyana’s first-ever Marriott hotel is delayed. The hotel, which had been planning a December 2014 opening, has pushed back its opening date to February 2015, according to the […]

Caribbean Idea: Should Virgin Buy LIAT?

CARIBBEAN air carrier LIAT’s recent struggles have been widely publicized. It’s even been suggested that the company merge with another regional carrier, Caribbean Airlines. Some have even said that Venezuela could throw its hat in the ring. (There are 11 […]

Rum Journal: From the Rainforests of Brazil, an Eco-Friendly Cachaca

Above: the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil CAN DRINKING RUM help save the environment? It’s a pleasant thought for any rum enthusiast — but a new rum from a small town at the edge of Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest may do just […]

Op-Ed: Sasportas, Haiti, Jamaica and the Failed Revolution of 1799

By Philippe Girard Op-Ed Contributor Caribbean history is a fascinating field of study, particularly in the 18th century, when sugar was king and Caribbean islands were some of the most strategically important territories in the world, akin to oil emirates […]


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