At Jamaica’s Rose Hall Villas, a New Kind of Resort


By Alexander Britell and Guy Britton

A Caribbean villa vacation is something rather different than your traditional hotel getaway.

It’s a way to live the destination in another way, in tranquility, in seclusion, in privacy, with a different kind of control — and responsibility — over your experience.

In Jamaica, though, the luxury villa has long been something of an art form.

And that’s the center of the experience at Jamaica’s Rose Hall Villas, a new kind of villa collection in the Caribbean with 28 colonial-style villas ranging from four-bedroom to seven-bedroom sprawls, each with living rooms, dining rooms, endless outdoor space and private pools.

jamaica villa resort

Because here, a villa is not simply a vacation rental: it’s a managed, service endeavor where you don’t just get typical resort service — you get a staff of three.

Here, you get the essence of the Jamaica villa experience: the unmatched service, the ocean views, your own cook, your own butler, the breakfast waiting for you when you awaken.

jamaica villa resort

This isn’t just a group of villas; it’s a true villa resort – and it’s more than that, too.

Here’s the thing about Rose Hall Villas — they come with their own resort.

Because this place is connected to Jamaica’s iconic Half Moon Resort, the 400-acre property that is one of the most complete resorts in the entire Caribbean, all just a stone’s throw away.

jamaica villa resort

And that means you can turn your Jamaica villa vacation into any kind of experience you want; perhaps you want to join the Half Moon Golf Club for a week; or take an extended trip at the Fern Tree Spa, or go on a culinary journey, or spend a week learning how to ride horses.

And it means you have a unique abundance of choices — you can spend days at Half Moon’s beaches and pools and activities.

jamaica villa resort

The signature beach at Half Moon in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Or you can live sunning by the pool and sitting on your patio looking out at the Atlantic, or planning an evening jerk chicken cookout or an intimate rum tasting.

There are infinite vacation permutations here, all equally delightful, all different, all completely controlled by the traveler.

jamaica villa resort

This is the quintessential Jamaican villa getaway, distilled but also expanded, accessible but more active, too.

It’s a new kind of Caribbean villa resort – and it’s one of the best ways to live the joys of this beautiful island.

For more, visit the Rose Hall Villas.

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— CJ


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