How Bermuda Is Promoting Its Digital Arrival Card

bermuda digital arrival

It’s quite an innovation in the wider Caribbean-Atlantic region: Bermuda’s digital arrival card. 

Instead of long waits at the immigration line, Bermuda give travelers the opportunity to fill out their immigration forms digitally in advance of their trips. 

But uptake is still something of a challenge, officials say — with 683 visitors having already completed online cards for future travel this year. 

So the island has launched a new program to increase awareness. 

The Bermuda Tourism Authority is now giving spontaneous rewards to those travelers who fill out the digital cards. 

One visiting couple, for example, received free tickets to a live dinner show at the Bermuda Festival of Performing Arts. 

“The more the online arrival card is used, the more the tourism industry stands to benefit,” said BTA Chief Information Officer Erin Smith. “Visitors who opt in for communication can receive via email the full scope of events and experiences available to them for the dates they’re on-island. Greater awareness often leads to more rewarding experiences for the visitor and more spending for our economy.”

A long immigration line is one of the lowest moments for travelers on any trip in the region, and Bermuda is one of several Caribbean countries beginning to roll out the feature. 

For more, visit Bermuda Arrival

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