Rum Journal: Tasting the New Depaz XO

Above: the Depaz plantation in Martinique (CJ Photo) It’s simple: we at Rum Journal love Martinique’s Rhum Depaz. In fact, its Cuvee Prestige took home the Rhum Agricole of the Year award last year. But it remains largely a secret […]


Rum Journal: Martinique’s Rhum Saint James Hors D’age

Almost any rum lover (or Hemingway enthusiast) will remember. It’s the rum that Ernest Hemingway drank in A Moveable Feast: Rhum St James. Papa himself orders the drink to warm up on a cold day in Paris. It’s something that led […]


Rum Journal: Rhum Clement's Canne Bleue Rhum Blanc Agricole

Above: Habitation Clement in Martinique (CJ Photo) Local. It’s a word whose meaning has broadened in recent years. Today, it means authentic, it means close by, it means fresh. And while we love rums from all over the Caribbean, an increasing […]


Rum Journal: Martinique's La Mauny VO

Martinique, home to more rum distilleries than any other island in the Caribbean. Depending on where you go, in each corner of the island, you’ll find the “local” rhum, rhum agricole to be exact — the standard rum of the […]

Rum Journal: Tasting Guadeloupe's Montebello Vieux Rhum

IT’S NO SECRET that here at Rum Journal we’re big fans of the rhum of the Guadeloupe Islands, which remains largely undiscovered in much of the English-speaking world. While their neighbours in Martinique receive much acclaim (and deservedly), these similarly […]

Rum Journal: Guadeloupe's Karukera Rhum Vieux Agricole

FOR THOSE unfamiliar with the beauty of the rhums agricoles of the French Caribbean, the initiated typically describe them as “reminiscent of a fine cognac.” From a quality standpoint, that’s undoubtedly true; but as for the taste, well, it’s usually […]


Bringing Martinique's Rhum to America

Above: the Rhum Clement Distillery in Martinique By Alexander Britell ONCE UPON a time, rum was the most popular spirit in America. Thanks to a number of factors — most notably the detrimental effects of prohibition — interest in the Noble […]

Rum Journal: Brazil's Oronoco

YOU MAY RECOGNIZE the name Oronoco from our 2012 Rum Awards, when Rum Journal gave Oronoco the “Bottle Design of the Year” award. But this white rum, grown from Brazilian sugarcane, is not just a pretty face. Brazil is known […]


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