Rum Journal: Tasting the New Depaz XO


Above: the Depaz plantation in Martinique (CJ Photo)

It’s simple: we at Rum Journal love Martinique’s Rhum Depaz. In fact, its Cuvee Prestige took home the Rhum Agricole of the Year award last year.

But it remains largely a secret outside of Martinique. Even outside of the north of Martinique, one might argue.

And while only one of its varieties (Blue Cane Amber) has made its way to the United States, it remains one of those lovely, undiscovered rums.


And in the great tradition of the rhums of Martinique, it’s one whose terroir you can truly taste — in this case, the spectacular foothills of the Mont Pelee volcano.

Depaz recently unveiled a rebottling, with a new, more compact design that could forebode a wider expansion beyond Martinique (crucially, there is now English on the boxes).

And one of the newest releases is this year’s XO, a blend of rums around 10 years old.

It’s got a gorgeous amber colour, with an aroma of dried cherries, caramel and brown sugar.

The flavour profile has notes of caramel, candied fruit, sherry, grass, a hint of peppery spice and oak.

This is a luxurious rum, with a velvety feel, a true smoothness and exquiste balance. It’s artful, and it’s fantastic.

Here’s to the next batch.

— CJ

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