Rum Journal: Another Interesting Variety From Rhum Saint James

Rhum Saint James

It’s practically a given: when you open a bottle of Martinique’s Rhum Saint James, you’ll find a high-quality, great-tasting rhum agricole. 

But what’s also a given is something a bit more rare: whatever the age, whatever the vintage, St James will offer you an interesting rhum.

And the latest St James we tried is no different: the Millesime 2000, the vintage from 2000.

Rhum Saint James Millesime 2000

Rhum Saint James Millesime 2000

This golden-brown rhum has a sweet aroma of sugar, caramel and tropical fruit.

But the flavour profile is two-headed: it begins with a sugary, caramel taste marked by mango and candied fruit, until it offers up a surprise: a rich suggestion of peat.

This is a bold, smoky rum whose finish hints at another spirit: Scotch whisky.

That’s because this is the essence of agricultural rhum: a sense of the earth, a sense of terroir, a sense of nature.

And it makes it both interesting and, well, delicious.

— CJ


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