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st croix caribbean cities

In St Croix, a Tale of Two Lovely Caribbean Cities

By Bob Curley CJ Contributor Our visit to St Croix’s two cities was the best of times and the better of times, and we had a Dickens of a time deciding whether we loved Christiansted or Frederiksted more. Then again, […]

martinique house of rhums

Martinique’s New House of Rhums

By the Caribbean Journal staff For rum aficionados, Martinique is the great Mecca, the place of pilgrimage, the place where one can visit the most marvelous collection of distilleries anywhere on earth. But when you come to Martinique, you also […]

cayman islands

7 Reasons to Visit the Cayman Islands Right Now

There’s an energy here. You feel it on Seven Mile Beach, in the hotels, in the streets of George Town, by day and by night. It’s palpable. It’s because the Cayman Islands is one of the most dynamic destinations in […]

st kitts cafe

The Best Little Cafe in St Kitts

By Alexander Britell Hidden away on St Kitts’ spectacular southeast peninsula is one of the Caribbean’s most pristine marinas: Christophe Harbour. And while the rapidly-expanding project is still in development, it’s already home to an already-functioning little marina village, with […]

Is This the Most Beautiful Golf Course in The Bahamas?

By Tim Cotroneo CJ Contributor Is it possible that a golf course’s beauty can hurt your game? Emerald Bay Head Professional Richard Gibson believes this could be the case with his Greg Norman-designed 18-hole layout, which hugs the turquoise waters […]

A Secret Beach Bar in Abaco

By Alexander Britell The Great Abaco Highway is an empty road, straddled by slash pines; the miles pass by like  waves. Getting here is a long drive on the highway from just about anywhere in Abaco, hidden away at the […]

caribbean vacations

British Virgin Islands’ Cooper Island Beach Club Set for Return

By Alexander Britell It’s one of the most beloved hotels in the British Virgin Islands, and now the Cooper Island Beach Club is readying for its return. Cooper Island, which includes everything from a boutique hotel to one of the […]

scuba diving

The Best Scuba Diving Destinations in the Caribbean

Some scuba diving destinations are legendary. Others are known for one thing or another: spectacular reefs, wrecks, whales, sharks, walls or cenotes. The Caribbean’s best scuba diving destinations have it all. The Caribbean’s best scuba diving destinations have the perfect […]

Nigel Spence: Christmas in Jamaica

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor As we approach my most favorite time of the year, I am somewhat saddened by the backdrop of fear and apprehension that has slowly taken over our Nation and which now understandably lurks in the […]

The Caribbean Travel Holiday Gift Guide 2017

If you subscribe to Caribbean Journal, you love traveling to the Caribbean. And so do your friends and family. So what do you get for your fellow Caribbean travel aficionados? We have you covered with the 2018 edition of the […]

Nigel Spence: Two New Recipes for Thanksgiving

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor As the Thanksgiving Holiday rolls around, with it comes a flurry of activity and excitement as families prepare to master the most important of all meals – the Thanksgiving Feast. Supermarket shelves fully stacked with […]

best beaches in the caribbean

The Best Beaches in the Caribbean – 2018

You never forget the first time you see a truly great beach. No matter how crowded (or empty), how easy to get to, how big or small, there’s a feeling of discovery you get when you first set foot on […]


Exploring San Nicolas, Aruba’s Next Culture Capital

By Alexander Britell SAN NICOLAS — The Aruba Rum Shop has been here on Route 1 for almost eight decades, since the beginning of the oil refinery, when a small bottle of rum was precisely what you needed at the […]

5 Tiny Islands for Your Next Caribbean Trip

They’re far from the crowds, far from the cruise ships, home to empty beaches and full glasses. These islands in the Caribbean are the way it all used to be, places where there is still the charm of discovery and […]

VIDEO: Baha Mar: The Caribbean Las Vegas

By Alexander Britell Before you read any further, know this: the Baha Mar is open in the Bahamas. And it is an impressive thing. It is remarkably built, wonderfully modern and tastefully executed. It is a class above what you’re […]

mexico hotel industry

Seven Fun Things to Do in Playa Del Carmen

Touch down at Cancun International Airport and within 40 minutes you can be on the beach at Playa Del Carmen. In the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya between Cancun and Tulum, the fishing village that 30 years ago had only […]

5 Little Islands to Visit in the Caribbean Right Now

We’ve made no secret in these pages of our love for tiny islands, the teeny, micro, minuscule places that overflow with melt-your-heart charm and carefree vibes. Because while some islands may have more hotels, more activities or just more square […]

How to Get $400 Free When You Book a Trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands is expanding its popular travel credit promotion. The USVI’s Department of Tourism has launched a new program called “Centennial PLUS” to coincide with the destination’s 100th anniversary as a U.S. territory. Now, the package offers $400 […]

Rum Journal: A Bucket-List Caribbean Rum

MARTINIQUE — It’s a rainy afternoon on the outskirts of Fort de France. We drive up a road through the waving green of cane fields and enter a dimly-lit distillery, vibrant with the clang of steam-powered machinery, raw and primal. This […]

11 Caribbean Beach Bars You Should Visit Right Now

If there’s a more quintessentially Caribbean experience than having a rum at a Caribbean beach bar, we haven’t found it. Indeed, it’s the dream of toes-in-the-sand, rum-in-hand afternoons that bring so many travelers to the Caribbean year after year. And […]

My Grand Cayman: Chef Sandy Tuason

Our new My Caribbean series dives deeper into the way locals and hospitality veterans live and love their island. We kick things off with Chef Sandy Tuason, a native of Manila and executive chef at the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile […]

Belize Resorts

The 10 Best Belize Resorts to Visit in 2020

From the reef to the rainforest, swanky offshore islands to rustic hillside retreats, Belize combines its Caribbean and Central American assets into a “one-stop” vacation package that has something for every traveler. It’s the kind of destination that draws an eclectic […]

Five Secret Caribbean Food Hotspots

We’ve long hailed the wonders of the Caribbean’s gastronomic scene, and in many ways it’s never been better, with culinary capitals in places like St. Martin, Puerto Rico and Anguilla, to name a few. But there are so many more […]

Five Caribbean Cities to Visit in 2017

We all love the beach, but there is so much more to discover in the Caribbean — and there’s nowhere better to experience the authentic Caribbean than some of its remarkable cities. The Caribbean’s urban centers offer a mix of nightlife, […]

islands to live on

7 Fun Things to Do in the British Virgin Islands

Some of the must-do stuff in the British Virgin Islands. By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon CJ Travel Editor A stay in the British Virgin Islands is all about being on the water, hopping from one of the sun-drenched archipelago’s 60-something idyllic islands […]

The 50 Best Restaurants in the Caribbean – 2016

The Caribbean’s food scene continues to get better, with a renewed focus on honoring local styles and ingredients and a growing slate of world-class restaurants. And 2016 was an eventful year for the region’s restaurants, with several stellar debuts like St. Croix’s […]

9 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Curaçao

There’s nowhere quite like Curaçao. With more than 30 beaches; a fascinating Netherlands-influenced heritage; and convenient airlift from the U.S., Canada and Europe, the 171-square-mile island is a must for Caribbean travelers yearning for a side of culture with their […]

Getting Local Government in Jamaica to Work

What local government means if we can get it to work By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor Last week I was driving around Montego Bay with the NSWMA regional manager and stopped by the Retirement dumpsite. As I drove around, I […]


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