My Grand Cayman: Chef Sandy Tuason


Our new My Caribbean series dives deeper into the way locals and hospitality veterans live and love their island. We kick things off with Chef Sandy Tuason, a native of Manila and executive chef at the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa, who tells us his what makes the island special to him. 

How long have you been in Grand Cayman?

Almost 3 years.  Arrived here in July 2014.

What makes Grand Cayman special?

Several things.  Of course, there is Seven Mile Beach, which is world class.  Great Diving.  Very strong culinary scene. Very safe.

What’s your favorite bar in Grand Cayman? Drink of choice?

I don’t really go out to bars anymore; After working for over 20 years in NYC, I did  the bar / club thing after work and going downtown to Chinatown at 3 in the morning for some food.  If I did go out down here  it would be just someplace quiet, on the beach.  Just to chill out. Not into crowded places anymore. A nice whiskey is always a good way to wind down after long days at work.

The Westin Grand Cayman.

Where is your happy place at the end of long day?

Home, with my wife Susan.  We live in a quiet neighborhood, right on the water.  Very relaxing.  We take turns cooking dinner and catching up on the day.

What’s the one thing every visitor to Grand Cayman must experience?

Personally, I enjoy driving out to the east end where it’s less crowded and try and stop at local family owned stores, shops and restaurants.  Always enjoyed going to starfish point.  For visitors, Sting ray City and Rum Point are very popular.  And  some of the best diving spots in the world.  And of course, if you get hungry, come to The Beach House Restaurant at The Westin Seven Mile Beach Resort and Spa.  Great Service, Wine and Food.

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