5 Little Islands to Visit in the Caribbean Right Now

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We’ve made no secret in these pages of our love for tiny islands, the teeny, micro, minuscule places that overflow with melt-your-heart charm and carefree vibes. Because while some islands may have more hotels, more activities or just more square footage, these particular islands draw with their personality. Here are five little islands we think you’d love to visit right now.

Cooper Island It doesn’t get much smaller than this diminutive island in the heart of the British Virgin Islands. But it’s also one of our favorite places in the Caribbean. Home to some private homes and the 12-room Cooper Island Beach Club, this is a famous stop for boaters, but it’s even better if you spend a week. The quirky, lovable micro-hotel (which has a solar-powered brewery and one of the Caribbean’s top rum bars) has become a destination in its own right.

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