The Best Scuba Diving Destinations in the Caribbean

scuba diving
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Some scuba diving destinations are legendary. Others are known for one thing or another: spectacular reefs, wrecks, whales, sharks, walls or cenotes. The Caribbean’s best scuba diving destinations have it all.

The Caribbean’s best scuba diving destinations have the perfect combination: top scuba diving infrastructure; marinas, great dive shops with instructors, guides and educational facilities — along with great hotels, world-class restaurants and plenty to do above the water, too.

The one thing all great dive destinations have in common are healthy reefs — and lots of them.

Healthy Caribbean reefs are a precious resource and an amazing attraction. Dive tourism contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to the Caribbean economy each year — and all of these destinations know that Caribbean reefs must be protected, with marine parks and programs to promote reef conservation and encourage sustainable practices.

Here are the top scuba diving destinations to visit right now.

scuba diving

Curaçao Right now, this Dutch Caribbean gem is the Caribbean’s number one scuba diving destination. Everything is here, from 65 spectacular dive sites, a broad collection of top-level dive shops and marvelous underwater beauty. That’s along with some of the Caribbean’s top dive hotels, including the world-famous LionsDive, the upstart Scuba Lodge and the Marazul, among others.

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