The Best Little Cafe in St Kitts

st kitts cafe

By Alexander Britell

Hidden away on St Kitts’ spectacular southeast peninsula is one of the Caribbean’s most pristine marinas: Christophe Harbour.

And while the rapidly-expanding project is still in development, it’s already home to an already-functioning little marina village, with everything from an art gallery to a fishing shop to a gourmet food emporium.

st kitts cafe

Peppe’s is the best little cafe in St Kitts.

But it’s also home to the wonderful Peppe’s, a cafe and bakery truck set right on the water’s edge.

Beyond the superb coffee (and espresso), it serves up one of the most spectacular settings on the island, with the green hills of the southeast peninsula, the bright contours of superyachts and a rarefied, blue-hued ambience.

st kitts cafe

It’s a must on any trip to St Kitts, whether you’re getting here on a boat or just want to spend the afternoon hours in a beautiful place.

— CJ


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