Martinique’s New House of Rhums

martinique house of rhums

By the Caribbean Journal staff

For rum aficionados, Martinique is the great Mecca, the place of pilgrimage, the place where one can visit the most marvelous collection of distilleries anywhere on earth.

But when you come to Martinique, you also want to take some back with you.

And for precisely that purpose, there’s a serious new rum shop in the heart of Fort de France.

martinique house of rhums

It’s called the House of Rhums, and the new destination rhum shop officially opened its doors this week in the Lumina Tower gallery, a short walk from the Hotel Simon right on the waterfront in Martinique’s capital.

And it’s instantly one of the best rum shops in Martinique, with a staggering selection of white and aged rums from across the destination (and a particularly welcome stop for cruise visitors visiting Martinique).

Of course, if you’re in Martinique, there’s another rum shop that is a must-visit for any rum pilgrim: La Compagnie du Rhum right next to Martinique’s A1710 distillery. 

— CJ