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At the Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France, the Lens of Baryshnikov

Above: a photo from “Dance This Way” By the Caribbean Journal staff A new exhibition at the Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France in St Barth is featuring the photography of world-renowned dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. The exhibition, called “Dance This Way,” […]


At a Martinique Distillery, Celebrating Picasso, Lam and Cesaire

Above: Yeux Clairs, Wilfredo Lam, 1970 By Alexander Britell It’s not the first place you’d expect to see a Picasso exhibition — but the Habitation Clement rum distillery in Martinique is putting on a celebration of the work of Aime […]


At New York's Blue Note, Combining the Worlds of Jazz and Reggae

Above: the Blue Note By the Caribbean Journal staff Jamaican jazz legend Monty Alexander will be launching a series of collaborative shows at the Blue Note in New York City next month, aiming to bring together the worlds of jazz […]


Making the Music of Martinique: An Interview with Esy Kennenga

Above: Esy Kennenga in Miami (CJ Photo) MIAMI — He’s one of the most popular singers today from the island of Martinique, and Esy Kennenga’s fame now reaches across the French Caribbean and mainland Europe. The 29-year-old Kennenga, who recently […]

Chef Ron Duprat Talks Haiti

Above: Chef Ron Duprat A native of Haiti, Chef Ron Duprat has quickly become one of the best-known Caribbean-born chefs in the world, most notably as a competitor on season six of Bravo’s Top Chef television series. Duprat, has remained […]

In Jamaica, a Push to Eat Local

Above: the 4H Stew Festival in Jamaica (JIS Photo) By the Caribbean Journal It’s called “Eat Jamaican,” and the Jamaica Agricultural Society hopes its new campaign will get Jamaicans to start thinking about eating locally-produced foods. The campaign, which was […]


Jamaica Remixes "One Love" in New Tourism Commercial

Above: Jamaica Jamaica’s tourism campaign is taking One Love in a new direction — sort of. One Love has been the “theme song” of Jamaica’s tourism product for more than two decades, and the country’s latest commercial puts a slightly […]

Caribbean Plate: Edith's Pizza in Bimini

Above: lobster pizza at Edith’s (all photos by CJ) LOBSTER pizza. Yes, it’s a real thing, and once you try it, you’ll never see pizza the same way again. The magic happens in Bimini in the Bahamas, about 50 miles […]

In Charleston, the Spirit of Barbados

Above: a photo from the exhibition By the Caribbean Journal staff Charleston, South Carolina has long been among the most “Caribbean” cities in the United States. The similarities between Charleston and islands like Barbados in architecture, food, dialect and social […]


For Artisans in St Kitts and Nevis, A Boost in Taiwan

Above: St Kitts (CJ Photo) By the Caribbean Journal staff A pair of local craft artisans from St Kitts and Nevis left the country Tuesday for a training programme in Taiwan. Molly Imelda Byron and Randy Thomas, both of the […]

Puerto Rico Makes Debut on "Homeland"

Above: Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn on “Homeland” By the Caribbean Journal staff It has been a big month for Puerto Rico’s film and television industry, with the island making its latest screen debut on the hit Showtime series “Homeland.” […]

7 Great Caribbean Restaurants in Miami

What’s the capital of the Caribbean? Is it Port of Spain? Is it Kingston? For many, the answer has long been Miami. Miami is a hub of Caribbean culture, thought and food, meaning you can find the world of the […]


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