Finding Goya in Grand Cayman


Above: Francisco de Goya, Tal para qual

By the Caribbean Journal staff

One of Spain’s great art masters is visiting Grand Cayman.

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands has been loaned a series of 200-year-old etchings by painter Francisco de Goya.

The exhibition, which launched on Thursday, will last through Aug. 28, with a lecture on Saturday by the curator.

Goya’s work will be displayed alongside a number of local Caymanian artists who have been asked to interpret Goya’s work.

The exhibition called “Metamorphoses,” is curated by Eme Paschalides. The works come from Goya’s Los Caprichos series, and include 16 of the original suite of 80 etchings, including some first editions from 1799.

It includes a rare example of Salvador Dali’s “Caprices de Goya,” which similarly interpreted Goya’s work.

“This exhibition will feature a wonderful blend of classical, modern and contemporary,” Paschalides said. “It will also be an excellent forum for discussion and will show that if artistic styles and techniques evolved over the last 300 years, the ills of society have remained the same.”


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