Caribbean Art Exhibition Coming to Perez Art Museum Miami


Above: Arnoldo Roche Rabell, We Have to Dream in Blue, 1986. Collection of John T. Belk III and Margarita Serapion, Photo: Courtesy of Walter Otero Gallery

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A major Caribbean art exhibition is set to open at the Perez Art Museum Miami.

Caribbean: Crossroads of the World, which first launched at New York’s El Museo del Barrio in 2012, will debut at the PAMM on April 18

The exhibition is a collection of two centuries of paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and other works, totaling more than 150 objects, beginning with the Haitian revolution.

It features both artists who have lived or worked in the Caribbean and those who lived abroad but “responded to the rich visual tradition and history of the area,” according to the Museum.

The exhibition includes works from historical artists like Victor Patricio Landaluze, Camille Pissarro and Jacob Lawrence and modern artists including Janine Antoni, Renée Cox, and Ebony G Patterson.

Crossroads was first organized by El Museo del Barrio, Harlem’s Studio Museum and the Queens Museum in 2012.

Curator Elvis Fuentes organized the Miami iteration of the exhibition, which was coordinated by Associate Curator Diana Nawi with Curatorial Assistant María Elena Ortiz.

For more information on the exhibition, see Caribbean Journal’s 2012 article on the original El Museo del Bario exhibition here.

PAMM seems to have been ramping up its efforts to highlight regional art in what is typically dubbed the unofficial Capital of the Caribbean.

Last month, PAMM hosted a solo exhibition by Haiti native Edouard Duval-Carrié.

Caribbean: Crossroads of the World will last through Aug. 17.


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