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Rum Journal: An All-Inclusive Caribbean Rum Shack in Antigua

Guyana’s El Dorado 15. Trinidad’s Angostura 1787. Barbados’ Mount Gay 1703.  They’re the sort of rums you hardly find together in the Caribbean, iconic West Indian rum expressions that seldom appear on a shelf even at the best of Caribbean […]


Rum Journal: Another Exceptional Rum from Papa's Pilar

It isn’t easy for a rum brand to get the one-name not of approval from rum aficionados. It takes time, it takes energy and it takes a product that is as consistent as it is But travel to rum hubs […]


The Caribbean's Most Exclusive Rum Event Is Coming to St Barth

rum cover

The Caribbean’s most exclusive island is the new home of a major Caribbean rum event. Caribbean Journal’s Caribbean Rum Awards, the region’s leading celebration of premium rums, is coming to St Barth from Nov. 6-10. The second edition of the […]


Campari Buys Two Major Caribbean Rum Brands

caribbean campari rums cover

By Alexander Britell In what could be an industry-shaking move for Caribbean rum and rhum agricole, global spirits firm Campari Group has purchased French company Rhumantilles. Rhumantilles is the owner of nearly 97 percent of Martinique-based Bellonnie & Bourdillon Successeurs, […]

Rum Journal: Papa’s Pilar “The Lost Cask”

papas pilar rum lost cask 1

The barrels were an afterthought, hidden away in the corner of the rum factory. And while they were few in number, these “lost” barrels held something rather special. And now Papa’s Pilar, the rum brand named for Ernest Hemingway’s fishing […]

Rum Journal: Martinique’s A1710 Diamond Rock

martinique diamond rock cover

You’re forgiven if you don’t think much of white rum. For too long, molasses-based white rums have dominated the market, particularly in the United States, offering little other than industrial flavors and the occasional headache. But in the French Caribbean, […]


Rum Journal: A Lovely New Rum From Venezuela’s Diplomatico

ron diplomatico venezuela

By Alexander Britell There’s a certain kind of rum you can’t enjoy. It’s the rum that your bar doesn’t serve. Years ago — and even today, rum lovers still face a rather small selection in even some of the best bars […]

Rum Journal: In Puerto Rico, the History of a Little Barrel

puerto rico rum barrel

By Alexander Britell He would carry it around in a small wooden barrel, rum in arm, giving tastes to his friends and those who wished to try it. Don Pedro Fernandez, a third-generation sugarcane grower in Puerto Rico, had studied […]

Rum Journal: A Special Rum from Guadeloupe’s Reimonenq

guadeloupe reimonenq

There are rums, there are special rums and then there are rums for rum drinkers. The third category isn’t for everyone, filled with rums of unique character, of sometimes too much strength, of uncanny personality. That brings us to a […]


Rum Journal: A Conversation With Robert Burr

robert burr rum

If you like rum, if you’ve found your way into the mysterious, wonderful world of rum, it’s likely you’ve come across the name Robert Burr. For years, Burr has been one of the world’s greatest champions of rum, spreading its […]

Rum Journal: From the Bahamas, a Tequila-Finished Rum

bahamas rum tequila

You can call it cask-finishing or barrel finishing or secondary aging or whatever you like. But it’s no secret that using the barrels that once held other spirits to give different personalities to rum is an increasingly prominent trend in […]

Rum Journal: A Triple Vintage from Martinique

martinique triple vintage

By Alexander Britell When the harvest changes, the rum changes. It’s a tenet particular to the Rhum Agricole of the French Caribbean, the only Caribbean rum with a true terroir. When you make your rum from freshly pressed sugar cane […]


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