Rum Journal: Kenny Chesney’s Newest Caribbean Rum Cream

kenny chesney caribbean rum cream

We’ve written before about music legend Kenny Chesney’s Caribbean rum brand, Blue Chair Bay. 

And while the range is solid, it’s the rum creams that truly stand out — setting a very high bar for the category, particularly with uncommon flavors for rum cream like Key Lime. 

Now, the Barbados-sourced Blue Chair Bay is at it again, with another rum cream, this time chosen by its fans. 

It’s called Mango Rum Cream, and it’s an outstanding addition. 

Like its brethren, Mango Rum Cream is a well balanced expression, with just the right amount of rum intensity and creaminess; the mango tastes fresh and authentic, adding a wonderfully fruity energy to the mix. 

It’s just plain fun, the perfect instant cocktail poured over ice — tailor made for a hot afternoon on the sand. 

Rum Journal Review: 91 Points


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