Health Management in Jamaica

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By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor THE world has, in recent weeks, been very concerned with the Ebola virus and more importantly, containing it. Here in Jamaica, we have been dealing with the effects of the chikungunya virus, more commonly referred to as ChikV, while also keeping our eye on what is happening with Ebola, as this can be very devastating for Jamaica and the more...

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How the Caribbean Fared at the UN Climate Summit in New York

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By Michael W Beck, PhD CJ Contributor It was a momentous week recently in New York City at the United Nations (UN) Climate Summit. The purpose of the Summit was to build energy, momentum and commitments towards a new global plan for addressing climate change at the forthcoming meeting of world leaders in Paris in 2015. In building towards that ambition, the more...

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Statistics, Geography and Development in the Caribbean Region

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By George Nicholson and Nayaatha Taitt Op-Ed Contributors Lifting persons in developing countries out of poverty and improving the stance of the country itself has long been a challenge faced by governments, with the Greater Caribbean being no exception. While there have been some successes, particularly in poverty alleviation, by and large, wholesale movement of more...

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Why Caribbean Sustainability is Smart

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By Ryan Peterson CJ Contributor When 80 percent of your Caribbean tourism product is nature-based, and 80 percent of your market increasingly demands eco-based services and experiences, it doesn’t take science to figure out that sustaining a high-quality ecology is simply smart business (read: EQ, not IQ). Add to that the fact that 80 percent of your community more...

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The Business of Caribbean Blogging

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By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor Blog Promo by Journo FOR SEVERAL reasons the newspaper ad surprised me. Firstly, it was placed by a journalist, a journo as they are also called, advertising himself and his skills, in particular his blog. I’ve never seen that before. Secondly, this journalist wrote/writes weekly for the competing newspaper in which the more...

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The Battle for Haiti

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By Ilio Durandis CJ Contributor Maybe it is true that no one will ever fully understand Haiti. From being the very first nation of the modern era to abolish slavery out of a bloody revolution to being the least prosperous and advanced country in the western hemisphere, Haiti continues to mesmerize its citizens and foreigners alike. Those who fought and won its more...

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How Much Can Jamaica Grow?

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By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor THE PLANNING Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) is targeting real GDP growth of three percent in the fiscal year 2015/16. This is against the previously targeted 1.5 to two percent, under the current IMF agreement. I have long indicated that Jamaica has the capacity to grow at rates of between three to five percent, in the short to medium more...

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Op-Ed: Integrating the Caribbean and Central America

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By Alberto Duran and Noemi Areli Sanchez Op-Ed Contributors The Central American Integration System (SICA) was formed in 1991 and is a regional organization which includes the States of Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. This alliance was formed with the purpose of enhancing integration for the cohesion more...

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Can This Transform the Caribbean?

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By Ivan Browne Op-Ed Contributor In the immortal words of Montserratian singer/songwriter, Arrow, the Caribbean is “…feelin’ hot, hot, hot!” And, that’s a good thing. With a little help from Mother Nature, the islands of the Caribbean are learning to harness the power of high temperature geothermal energy beneath the earth’s surface. In an effort more...

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The Conservation Opportunity in Haiti

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"Projet Pilote de Conservation de la Biodiveriste et le Renforcement de l'Economie Locale A Ile A Vache, Haiti"  O.J.P.A.

Above: a biodiversity project in Ile a Vache, Haiti (Photo: Tim Calver for The Nature Conservancy) By Maxene Atis CJ Contributor HAITI is a crossroad where conservation, health, and livelihoods meet. There is no other place in the Caribbean where conservation and restoration offer so much hope for the revival of the economy. Conservation is key to restoring more...

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