Op-Ed: Integrating the Caribbean and Central America

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By Alberto Duran and Noemi Areli Sanchez Op-Ed Contributors The Central American Integration System (SICA) was formed in 1991 and is a regional organization which includes the States of Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. This alliance was formed with the purpose of enhancing integration for the cohesion more...

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Can This Transform the Caribbean?

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By Ivan Browne Op-Ed Contributor In the immortal words of Montserratian singer/songwriter, Arrow, the Caribbean is “…feelin’ hot, hot, hot!” And, that’s a good thing. With a little help from Mother Nature, the islands of the Caribbean are learning to harness the power of high temperature geothermal energy beneath the earth’s surface. In an effort more...

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The Conservation Opportunity in Haiti

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"Projet Pilote de Conservation de la Biodiveriste et le Renforcement de l'Economie Locale A Ile A Vache, Haiti"  O.J.P.A.

Above: a biodiversity project in Ile a Vache, Haiti (Photo: Tim Calver for The Nature Conservancy) By Maxene Atis CJ Contributor HAITI is a crossroad where conservation, health, and livelihoods meet. There is no other place in the Caribbean where conservation and restoration offer so much hope for the revival of the economy. Conservation is key to restoring more...

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Jamaica’s Growing Crisis

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By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor WHILE we debate the economic challenges facing Jamaica, there is an emerging crisis that many are not speaking of, but which we must address as a country. This is the health of our population, and as a result the cost it currently has and its continued impact as it worsens. If, of course, we do nothing about it. Anyone who knows me more...

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Op-Ed: Is the Caribbean Tourism Industry Looking Up?

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By S Brian Samuel Op-Ed Contributor By now, most (but not all) Caribbean countries have submitted their first half 2014 tourism statistics to the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). It makes for some interesting reading. Overall, the Caribbean recorded a weighted average growth rate of 5.2 percent in visitor arrivals during the first half of 2014 (some countries more...

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Op-Ed: The Caribbean as a Healthcare Destination

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By Shomari Scott Op-Ed Contributor AS THE world’s population ages, non-communicable diseases continue to rise in frequency and healthcare costs inflate at an alarming rate, the issue of creating a healthcare destination that provides a high quality service for far less cost has never been more pressing. Countries such as India, Malaysia and Costa Rica have more...

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Social Justice and Economic Development in Jamaica

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By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor EVERYONE should know by now that I believe Jamaica's economic programme is being managed properly, as the fiscal and legislative adjustments being made are definitely the right option for creating a positive environment for economic development. And certainly, more importantly, is that the leadership of the programme, headed by Peter more...

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Healthcare in the Caribbean

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By Paul Hay CJ Contributor The World Health Organization (WHO) published a ranking of global healthcare systems in their World Health Report 2000. According to an article in the June 29, 2012 edition of the Business Insider entitled “These are 36 Countries That Have Better Healthcare Than The US”: “So controversial were the results that the WHO declined to more...

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Op-Ed: Can Jamaica Realize Its Potential?

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By S Brian Samuel Op-Ed Contributor ECONOMISTS CANNOT read the future, no matter what they say; but they can read the past. And one thing we know from the past is that markets continually go through economic cycles. Booms and busts have been chasing themselves with predictable certainty since man invented money. In my lifetime, I’ve lived through countless more...

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LIAT CEO: How to Improve Caribbean Aviation in Six Steps

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By David Evans Op-Ed Contributor BOTH THE history and the current reality of Caribbean aviation can be characterised by a consistent failure over the last 50 years to provide an efficient  air transportation system that meets the needs of the 40 million plus inhabitants of the region. The reasons for this failure are many and varied — chronic more...

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