The Caribbean Glass Ceiling

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By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor Women Less than 5% of CEOs & 50 to 100 years for parity In its Jan. 2015 report, the International Labour Organization (ILO) announces a gaining momentum of women in business and management across the globe. As I prepared for a lightning read through, my first stop was the ‘Contents’ pages. The ‘Introduction’ was more...

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These are Four Clear Ways to Stimulate Development in Jamaica

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By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor MOST times when we speak about economic and social development, many of us think about the cost of infrastructure or costs associated with the government providing stimulus to the economy. Or if we talk about reducing crime, then one of the first things discussed is the need for more resources for the police. The truth is many things more...

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Nigel Spence Has Your New (Healthy) Caribbean Dessert Recipe

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Above: Chef Nigel Spence By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor This New Year 2015, like many years past, offers a chance of renewed energy to fulfill failed resolutions, achieve newly set goals and to live your dreams. For years, my New Year's resolution was to have no resolution at all...though the jury is still out on that. However, determined by some unknown or more...

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Why This is the Biggest Challenge for Caribbean Youth (And Why There’s Hope)

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By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor This is Part 2 of excerpts from ‘Caribbean Youth and Unemployment’ prepared for the Inter-American Development Bank’s ‘XIV Reunion BID – Sociedad Civil’ hosted in Nicaragua during late 2014. Challenges of Joblessness Rebelliousness Online & Offline Joblessness and its challenges (including depression, more...

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The CARICOM Question

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By David Rowe Op-Ed Contributor The Caribbean is a region of small islands surrounded by water. In an increasingly competitive global economic and political climate, these island can no longer remain islands. But what's the future of Caribbean regionalism? That brings us to the CARICOM question. CARICOM is the economic union of Caribbean nations and more...

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Caribbean Youth and Unemployment

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By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor As a member of the Inter-American Development Bank’s Civil Society Consultative Committee I was invited to present at the ‘XIV Reunion BID – Sociedad Civil’ in Nicaragua late 2014. The following are excerpts from my preparation pertaining to Caribbean youth and jobs. Regional Diversity The Caribbean, by whatever more...

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This is How the Caribbean Can Build Resilience to Climate Change

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Remnants of an old pier and mangrove being inundated by rising sea level at Grenville Bay, Grenada. Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are located at the Southern end of the Lesser Antilles. These islands are ringed by barrier, patch and fringing

Above: remnants of an old pier and mangrove being inundated by rising sea level at Grenville Bay, Grenada (Photo: Marjo Aho) By Vera Agostini CJ Contributor A FEW weeks ago, I attended the Global Forum on Community Resilience in Cali, Colombia, hosted by the International Federation of the Red Cross. It was a humbling experience for someone coming from an more...

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Thinking Differently in Jamaica

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By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor 2015 is here, and we celebrate a new year and new beginnings. But what does the turn of a new year really mean? Traditionally, we have always celebrated a new year as a new beginning, but what makes the start of a new year any different from the old year? After all, we still have the same crime problem on January 1 as we did on more...

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Jamaica’s Prospects in 2015

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By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor AS we come to the end of 2014, it is traditional for us to think about what will happen in the New Year. Apart from tradition, however, the end of a year is always used as a mark to measure progress and look towards the future. 2014 has been a year of mixed fortunes, and indeed a transformative year in Jamaica. This is reflected in more...

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Singapore’s Lesson for Jamaica

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By Paul Hay CJ Contributor Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast Asia. It was founded by Britain as a trading colony in 1819. Lee Kuan Yew became its first Prime Minister in 1959. Four years later, Singapore joined the Malaysian Federation, but was asked to leave in 1965. After separation from the Malaysian Federation, it became a sovereign republic. more...

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