Nigel Spence: A Holiday Brussel Sprouts Recipe


With the holidays upon us once again my thoughts always turn to new and improved recipes for the many dinners to be hosted during the season. Lately I have been on a mission to update side dishes that usually don’t […]


A Great Caribbean Mushroom Recipe

scotch recipe caribbean mushrooms

By Nigel Spence Mushrooms are generally not high on the list of foods that Caribbean folks hold in high regard. That may be because we are not and have never been a mushroom growing or consuming society. What I was […]


A Caribbean Harissa Recipe

harissa recipe caribbean 1

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor Shifting toward a whole food plant-based diet requires quite a bit of changes in the way one eats and presents quite a challenge in keeping the dishes interesting. Bold flavors along with great eye appeal […]


Nigel Spence: A Caribbean Recipe for Bean Stew

caribbean bean stew recipe

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor It is quite a challenge to make the move from being a carnivore all of one’s life to suddenly needing to be vegan or vegetarian for health reasons. This usually means that the change is […]

A Perfect Caribbean Crab Recipe

caribbean crab recipe

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor Food and travel shows have created such a blending of cultures that the food scene is now exploding with a sophistication of tastes never before seen.  Even the simplest of dishes quickly transform into being […]

Nigel Spence: Another Reason to Love Jamaican Food

jamaican food

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor The more health related remedies that show up on the market as the newest and latest innovation, is the more I realize that the standard old school Jamaican way of life before fast food joints […]


Nigel Spence: A Recipe for Whole Roasted Cauliflower

cauliflower recipe

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor When I began my quest a few years ago, transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, I had no idea of the many roads I would travel – literally and figuratively, in search of the next best […]

The Perfect Jamaican Seasoned Rice

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor As we recently celebrated 56 years of Jamaican Independence this month, I think of how proud I am of my heritage. I think of how much we have positively impacted the world in more ways […]

Chef Nigel Spence: How to Make Plantain Pancakes

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor As the temperatures here in New York City seem finally to be heading in the upward direction, I feel compelled to render a huge welcome to a distinctly rare sight for the early 2018 era…”Grass! […]


A Caribbean Vegetable Soup Recipe

vegetable soup recipe

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor I have often spoke of the fact that December is my most favorite month of the year, mainly due to the holidays and family gatherings and so on.  What I have never mentioned is that […]

The Perfect Caribbean Smoothie Recipe

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor Have you ever stopped and taken stock of just how many National Food Holidays there are? Take for instance, in June alone, there are more than 50 listed food holidays celebrated either monthly, weekly or […]

This Is How to Make Jerk Duck Confit

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor With some friends staying over for a couple days I was challenged with feeding them breakfast and lunch while maintaining my busy schedule at the restaurant. They furthered this challenge by mentioning the fact that […]


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