Seven Ways to Visit Saint Lucia

saint lucia tourism sizzle 2The Marigot Bay resort in Saint Lucia.
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By Bob Curley
CJ Contributor

There’s a reason Saint Lucia is one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean right now: a hard-to-match blend of romance, scenery, culinary sophistication and good, plain-old adventure. And the best way to experience the island is in one of its marvelous collection of resorts, each unique, each perfect for the Saint Lucia vacation you’re looking for. Here are seven ways to visit Saint Lucia right now.

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Sugar Beach.

Saint Lucia for Scenery Junkies and Rum Lovers: Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort 

The brilliant white villas and bungalows at Sugar Beach offer minimal distractions to the resort’s closeup views of the St. Lucia coastline and the Pitons, providing perpetual eye candy whether you’re lounging at the hotel pool or splashing in the surf. The Rainforest Spa is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, with waterfalls tinkling around treehouse-style treatment rooms, and an Amerindian steam dome is a rare nod to indigenous wellness practices alongside the typical massages, facials, and other services. Among the resort’s dining and drinking options is the Cane Bar, perhaps the world’s most elegant rum bar, with a on-staff “rummelier” to help pair the Caribbean’s homegrown spirit with a selection of sushi, sashimi, and Asian-inspired small plates.

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