VIDEO: A Moment on the Beach in San Salvador


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

They call it Bahama blue.

But really, is should be Bahama blues, because the sapphire seas that wash this corner of the Caribbean can’t be described in a single word – simply because they aren’t a single color.

In this part of the world, water is turquoise, aquamarine, Wedgewood, cerulean and even Windex blue. And here, at this untamed beach on the Bahamian out island of San Salvador, sometimes it seems a single wave can contain all of those hues, each shimmering under the sun like a Technicolor mosaic.

To witness this marine miracle is to understand, instantly, a crucial part of the archipelago’s appeal. And to understand, equally quickly, why this spectacularly blessed locale is so hard to leave.

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