Jamaica Has New Tourism Plans for This Town

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By the Caribbean Journal staff

Set between Montego Bay and Negril, the beach town of Lucea could be in for a tourism makeover.

Jamaica’s government says it has its sights set on Lucea as it develops resort centers across the country.

“Lucea is very much on our radar, and the Lucea port is very important,” said Jamaica Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett. “The Prime Minister and I have had long discussions about Lucea and, in short order, I believe that we will be visiting Lucea in relation to some ideas about building out a stronger tourism experience in the town.”

For now, Jamaica plans to work to establish new attractions and rehabilitate the town’s historic sites, led by Fort Charlotte, which dates back to 1761.

Fort Charlotte, in particular, is “beautifully positioned in terms of a vantage point to (one) of the largest hotels in that region, the Grand Palladium,” Bartlett said.

He said the country was planning to build a bypass for Lucea, which could also open up tourism expansion.

“When the bypass road comes Lucea is going to become a discreet community for which we can now build out a number of the cultural assets that are there and to highlight the unique values of Lucea,” he said.

— CJ


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