In Jamaica, a Festival of Coffee


By the Caribbean Journal staff

It’s one of the most famous coffee varieties on earth: Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, one of the island’s greatest exports.

And now it’s getting its own festival.

Jamaica’s Tourism Linkages Network is hosting the first-ever Jamaica Blue Mountain Festival this weekend, part of a wider push by the destination to grow culinary tourism.

The three-day event in Newcastle is showcasing the rich tradition of coffee production in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, with everything from food stalls to coffee tastings to workshops.

The final day of the festival, called “Experience the Jamaica Blue Mountain Culinary Trail,” takes guests on tours and stops at a number of eateries along the path.

“The festival is intended to create an event that attracts locals and tourists to the Blue Mountains; leverage the high quality and uniqueness of Blue Mountain coffee and the Blue Mountain experience, and promote export of coffee and coffee-related products,” tourism officials said in a statement.

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