VIDEO: Why You Need to Visit Montego Bay, Jamaica Right Now


By Alexander Britell

We drive down the path of an old coastal highway, a now-bumpy dirt road that was here during the jet set days, when Montego Bay was the among the Caribbean’s first big travel hotspots.

After a short drive navigating through brush, we find it: a totally deserted stretch of pure white sand beach, exotic and raw, empty and undiscovered.

Today, Montego Bay is the mainstay of Jamaican tourism, home to a concentration of terrific resorts and small hotels, from newer all inclusives like the beautiful Jewel Grande to legendary spots like Round Hill and Half Moon (the latter of which is undergoing a total transformation at this time).

But the things that brought travelers here in the jet set days are still here, and better than ever: the beaches, the hotels, the jerk and the people, who offer the hospitality that makes service in Jamaica so unique – and often so wonderful. (That’s without mentioning Montego Bay’s golf offering, which is increasingly becoming a destination in its own right).

The new Jewel Grande.

And then there’s the always-bustling Hip Strip, the stretch of Gloucester Avenue that’s undergoing a renaissance of its own, from a major new resort by the Spanish Court brand to the country’s first kosher restaurant.

Montego Bay is a truly complete destination — there’s something here for everyone here, whether you’re looking for a classic beach vacation, an all inclusive getaway or a romantic retreat.

And even after more than a half century as a tourism hotspot, there’s always something new to discover — even at the end of an old dirt road.

See more in the video at the top of the page.


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