The Best Caribbean Destinations for This Holiday Season

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The holidays are fast approaching, meaning it’s time to start thinking about your next Caribbean vacation (that is, if you haven’t already planned a Caribbean trip in the meantime).

For us, there’s nothing better than Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s in the Caribbean. As those in wintry places dream of a White Christmas, why not dream of a White Sand Christmas?

Some destinations are tailor made for the holidays, thanks to that perfect combination of beaches, restaurants, nightlife and, most importantly, hotels, with an emphasis on accommodating multi-generational trips — because this time of year, it’s about spending time with family.

Here are the best holiday destinations in the Caribbean right now.

Aruba It’s as good of a family destination as there is in the Caribbean, thanks to spacious hotels, ease of getting around and a multitude of activities for travelers big and small. Whether you’re looking for a luxury getaway at the Ritz-Carlton or bringing a large group to the Aruba Marriott, there are a host of places on the island for the perfect holiday getaway. Looking for a romantic holiday season? Try the adults-only Bucuti Tara.

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