A New Boost for Coral in St. Lucia


The Sandals Foundation is partnering with CLEAR Caribbean in an effort to establish two coral nurseries aimed at restoring lost coral coverage in St. Lucia, as well as providing a habitat for marine life inside the Soufriere Marine Managed Area.

Corals and coral reefs play in protecting coastlines from the damaging effects of waves and tropical storms and as a means of shelter for marine organisms.

“We are delighted that Sandals Foundation is supporting this coral restoration project in St. Lucia,” said Dr. Owen Day, Executive Director of CLEAR Caribbean. “Coral restoration is a proven strategy to help propagate and replant corals that have greater resilience to diseases and the impacts of climate change.”

“We all depend upon the Marine environment, especially the Islands in the Caribbean like St. Lucia,” said Jonathan Hernould, Sandals Foundation’s Environmental Officer. “Coral Reefs are an essential part of the Marine ecosystem and without them we would have no fishing industry and our tourism industry would suffer greatly. With the help of CLEAR Caribbean and this coral restoration programme we are helping to restore the coral reefs in St. Lucia that so many people depend upon.”

The fishing industry is one of the major economic contributors in Caribbean countries and is heavily dependent on coral reefs.

With this motivating factor, the Foundation has undertaken a self-imposed mandate of coral conservation through partnerships across the Caribbean.

The project is a partnership between the Government of St Lucia, the Diving Association, the Soufriere Marine Management Association, the Soufriere Fisherman’s Cooperative and CLEAR Caribbean Ltd.

Sandals Foundation has assisted the establishment of five coral nurseries in the islands of Jamaica and St. Lucia, and stated its commitment to bringing public awareness to the harmful effects of environmental negligence while promoting proactive methods for individuals organizations alike.


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