This Hotel’s Welcome Drink Comes With a Spectacular View


It’s a simple cocktail … heck, it’s not even a cocktail; it’s a “mocktail,” with nary a drop of alcohol to justify our swooning.

Yet the Bentley, the drink that greets guests at St. Lucia’s Jade Mountain resort, instantly intoxicates. The refreshing mix of fresh-squeezed limeade; a splash of soda water; and Grenadine for color is served with a “swizzle stick” of sugar cane for sweetness.

But we suspect that it’s the Bentley’s other accompaniment that makes it go to our head: the iconic peaks of the Pitons, the island’s twin volcanoes, visible from every three-walled suite. It’s a vista that transforms this simple drink into something truly spectacular. And we can’t get enough.

— Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, CJ Travel Editor


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