The 9 Best Beaches in St John

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St John has a special kind of a natural energy and that is most obvious on its beaches. It all starts with the abundant life on the coral reefs that surround St John and the rise to dramatic mountain peaks on over 7,000 acres of Virgin Islands National Park land.  You could say nature reigns here. The precious coral reefs and life around them ultimately become the sand of some of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. Just ask the locals about the energy on St John. Most will tell you they can feel it, a gentle and constant attraction and knowledge of why people come here in the first place. The nature and the beaches are central to this draw.

St John’s beaches offer a variety of experiences and adventures. Some like Trunk Bay are world famous beaches, appearing on TV, in magazines and postcards. Others are hidden, private utopias that take a bit of hiking or some adventure to get to.  Join us as we tour St John searching for some of the Caribbean’s finest beaches — and the source of that energy. All photos by St John resident Leah Randall.


Maho Bay

Maho is a long stretch of beach with easy access right off the road. Maho has gorgeous, looming palm trees decorating the western side. Around the point curving to little Maho there is some good snorkeling, too.

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