Antigua Native Confirmed as United States Federal Judge in Brooklyn


Above: the Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Antiguan-born Margo Kitsy Brodie was confirmed on Monday as a Federal District Court Judge in Brooklyn, making her the first Afro-Caribbean-born jurist to sit in a US District Court.

Judge Brodie was confirmed by an 86 to 2 vote in the Senate, after being nominated by the White House in June.

“With Margo Brodie’s confirmation, we are making history,” Schumer said following the vote. “Ms Brodie’s career and achievements embody everything this court strives to uphold, and I am honoured that she has been confirmed as its newest member.”

Senatte Judiicary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy had called Brodie a “highly-qualified, consensus nominee” to the bench.

Brodie, a 12-year federal prosecutor, is a former Assistant US Attorney. She was recommended for the post by Schumer.

She received her bachelor’s degree from St Francis College in Brooklyn and her JD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Brodie gained American citizenship in 1996.


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