Solamon Plans to Build Largest Caribbean Solar Farm in Jamaica


By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Canada-based Solamon company announced its plan to build the largest solar power plant in the Caribbean in Jamaica, at an estimated cost of $450 million.

The programme aims to improve the country’s energy infrastructure and attract additional investment in green technologies.

“In order to implement a solution of this magnitude, several Parishes are being considered as future homes of one of three 50-acre plots that, when conjoined, will provide the Jamaican people with 60 megawatts of clean electricity,” said Ainsley Brown, senior vice president at Solamon. “This programme represents a comprehensive approach to renewable energy development, energy diversification, job creation and training for the 21st century.”

In December, the government announced that the use of alternative in energies in Jamaica had nearly doubled since 2010.

Jamaica has a growing solar movement, according to Roger Chang, President of the Jamaica Solar Energy Association.