Concern over Jamaican Sugar Fires


By the Caribbean Journal staff

A series of fires set to Jamaican cane fields has raised concern in the area of Westmoreland.

Councillor Paul Wilson, the deputy mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, has called on residents to desist from setting the illicit fires to cane fields across the parish.

“I wish to let the citizens of Westmoreland and the general public know and understand that the sugar industry is the single-largest employer of labour,” he said. “We must therefore secure what’s left of the industry.”

According to Wilson, nearly $375,000 in damage was caused by illicit fires two weeks ago.

“The owners and managers of the sugar estate are willing to sit down and discuss the matters with you,” he said. “I have found them to be reasonable people. Remember, sugar production and the jobs it generate[s] is the only major economic activity we have going on in the parish.”