Jamaica Begins Wind Mapping Study

Above: the wind farm at Wigton

In a bid to improve its renewable energy strategy, the Jamaican government is commissioning a Wind Mapping study undertaken by Wigton Wind Farm Limited, which controls the country’s only wind farm.

Wigton Wind Farm is an agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mining.

“We expect that that wind mapping will allow not only for putting up turbines, but [will] encourage private investors to come in, because then you’ll know where to put up wind turbines,” said Minister of Energy and Mining Clive Mullings.

Last month, the country announced it was looking at the potential of a smart grid that would better manage the efficiency of electricity distribution in the country.

Jamaican is following the initiative of Nevis, which already has a wind farm run by WindWatt, as seen in this CJ video. That plant supplies approximately 20 percent of Nevis’ energy needs.

–Jamaica Information Service


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