Guyana Targets Illegal Gold Mining


Above: gold mining in Guyana (GIS Photo)

Seeking to protect its rainforests, Guyana is working with neighbors Suriname and French Guiana to combat illegal gold mining in the region. The government held a workshop yesterday at the Guyana Forestry Commission with officials from Suriname and French Guiana to explore the issue. The workshop included training for various enforcement bodies in the use of satellite imaging to avert illegal mining and foresting activities. “Guyana has always prided itself as a country in being able to manage and ensure that the utilization of its natural resources is done in a sustainable way and also conforms to international standards,” said Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud. “Guyana was successful in eradicating illegal logging; however, the issues of illegal mining and activities of some of the mining operations leave much to be desired.” Persaud said the government was reorganizing the Guyana Geology and Mines Commissino to better combat illegal activity.

–Guyana Information Service


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