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The Ultimate Car Rental in St Barth 

st barth car rental

It's the coolest way to ride around in St Barth.

The Caribbean’s most glamorous island is also home to some of its most stunning places to drive: the winding, switchback, cliffside roads of St Barth. 

While much of the island’s traffic is filled up by smaller hatchbacks, scooters, Renault Twizys and compact convertibles, there’s one way to experience the island that towers above the rest: a classic Land Rover Defender. 

That’s where St Barth Defenders comes in: it’s home to a rarefied collection of extraordinarily restored Defenders — and the collection is impressive, from Club Edition to Beach Rover to Safari Edition, soft top or hard top, they’re all in pristine condition and provide an unrivaled style for your St Barth vacation. 

And with the Defenders’ narrow frame, they’re the perfect way to navigate through the island’s less-than-wide roadways. 

Defenders can be delivered to the airport, right to the ferry dock or directly to your hotel or villa. 

If you want to keep it beyond your vacation, the company can also ship from time to time back to the United States. 

For more, visit St Barth Defenders

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