From Jamaica to Turks and Caicos, The 11 Best Villa Resorts

Jamaica Turks and Caicos Villas
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Your own space, your own pool, your own vacation. If you’ve been following the Caribbean travel industry over the last few years, you know that no sector has seen faster, bigger growth than that of luxury villas. 

It’s just what many travelers want right now, no doubt heavily impacted by the way the pandemic shifted travelers’ tastes and desires. 

And while luxury villas themselves have never been hotter, another category has seen sizzling growth, too: the villa “resort.”

Think of all of the comforts of a standalone private villa: pools, full kitchens, endless space, but with the luxury, conveniences and amenities of a resort. 

The best “villa resorts” combine all of those things, offering up the best of both worlds: privacy and seclusion without any sacrifices. 

We’ve curated our favorite “villa resorts” in the Caribbean right now, from classic residential resorts to upstart hotels that are helping to reinvent the way people travel in the Caribbean.  

The Shore Club, Turks and Caicos The ultimate resort villas are set on Long Bay in Turks and Caicos at this spectacular luxury Providenciales resort. The Estate Villas at the Shore Club are set directly on the beach, all with 8,800 square feet of living space, private pools, butlers, housekeepers, indoor saunas and another amenity: 24-7 access to every single amenity at the best resort in Turks and Caicos. 

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