Rum Journal: From the Dominican Republic, a Rum for Jose Marti

dominican republic rum jose marti

If you’re a fan of rum from the Dominican Republic, you know Oliver & Oliver

The family-owned boutique rummaker produces a diverse range of Dominican brands: you might be familiar with rums like Opthimus or Rum Punta Cana — these are just a few of a growing portfolio of labels originating from the Santo Domingo company. 

These are not always easy to find outside of the country, however — the best bet is to get there early for your flight from Santo Domingo or Punta Cana. 

That’s precisely what RJ did on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic’s capital, surveying a broad shell of O&O rums in the Las Americas Duty Free and settling on a rather rare expression: Jose Marti. 

The limited-quantity Jose Marti Presidente Rum comes in several solera blends; we settled on the 15. 

Named for the legendary Cuban poet, philosopher and national hero who helped spearhead the movement for the island’s independence from Spain, it’s not a brand you’ll often find outside of the DR. 

So what’s it like? 

The dulcet aroma has notes of tropical fruit, candied cherries, chocolate orange and brown sugar. 

The flavor profile is marked by brown sugar, milk chocolate, a hint of spice and a soft, nutty finish marked by almond. 

To be clear, this is not a rum in the Cuban style — the mouthfeel is far more full-bodied, the flavors sweeter.

But this is a warm, elegant rum, the essence of the sweet “solera” style, most at home as the conclusion to a long, multi-course dinner. In other words, this is an ideal “dessert” rum.

Rum Journal Rating: 90 Points 

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