Caribbean Airlines Is Adding Flights for Trinidad Carnival

caribbean trinidad Trinidad's Carnival celebration is the most popular of its kind outside of Rio.

The Caribbean’s most popular Carnival is back next month, and Caribbean Airlines has announced an expansion of flight services for the festival. 

That includes additional flights between Toronto, Canada and Port of Spain, with two flights on Feb. 13 and two flights on Feb. 21. 

The carrier is now operating an additional flight between Orlando, Fla. and Trinidad on Feb. 14. 

Within the region, Caribbean Airlines is now operating two flights between Trinidad and Barbados on both Feb. 12 and Feb. 25; and two flights between Kingston and Port of Spain on both Feb. 12 and Feb. 26. 

“The addition of these services aligns with the airline’s commitment to improve inter-regional travel and promote seamless connectivity,” Caribbean Airlines said in a statement. 

The flights are now open for sale, the company said. 

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