The Best Adults-Only Resort in the US Virgin Islands Is In St Croix

best adults-only resort us virgin islands

“West is best,” they like to say here on the far edge of the island of St Croix. 

Here in Frederiksted, things are a little different than the rest of St Croix. There’s a funky, fun vibe here, one that weaves effortlessly with the charm of the centuries-old streets. 

And while it’s one of the oldest, most historic towns in the Caribbean, somehow Frederiskted still feels like a closely guarded secret. 

But that’s been changing in recent years, with the injection of new energy into the town: coffee shops, eateries, and one very important hotel. 

st croix us virgin islands

Indeed, it was the debut of The Fred, an adults-only hotel that marvelously reimagined a collection of historic buildings at the water’s edge in Frederksted, that largely ushered in the new era in town when it opened its doors back in 2017 — at the time the first new hotel in St Croix in more than 30 years. 

And now the hotel, the only beachfront property in Frederiksted proper, remains one of the major heartbeats of Frederiksted, a sleek, hip, vibrant place that’s become a haven locals as much as it is for guests. 

The pools and the bar regularly draw in day visitors (thanks to a clever membership called Club Fred) and the restaurant is one of the best on this side of an island that’s known for its culinary prowess. 

The hotel itself is terrific: it’s a wonderful amalgam of historic charm and Key West cool, with colorful, eclectically-designed rooms, 

There’s also a lovely boutique spa, a pair of pools, free Wi-Fi, a hot tub, a bar and restaurant (including a cool rooftop deck) and beach chairs. 

The hotel has also added a waterspouts program, with paddleboards, transparent kayaks and the like. 

And the adults-only concept is executed exquisitely — it’s a serene beachfront oasis if that’s what you’re looking for, or a fun, lively destination for a weekend getaway. 

And a half-decade after its debut, the hotel remains an exemplar of historic reconstruction, a remarkable project that turned six buildings dating back to the 1700s into a cutting-edge boutique hotel, a property formerly known as Totten House that got its name from civil rights luminary Ashley Totten. 

It’s a versatile, vibrant hotel, and one thing it’s clear: it’s the top adults-only resort anywhere in the US Virgin Islands. 

West is best. And so is The Fred. 

For more, visit The Fred

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