A Destination Cigar Lounge In St Kitts

st kitts cigar

You’d never know it was here, hidden away on the second floor of a building in the popular Port Zante cruise terminal in St Kitts. 

But venture up the stairs and you’ll be rewarded with one of the great cigar experiences in the Caribbean. 

This is the Casa del Habano in St Kitts, and it sets the standard for a Caribbean cigar lounge. Period. 

Casas del Habano can vary greatly in the region; some have great selections but no lounge area; others are tiny in inventory and space. 

But the St Kitts outpost of Habanos’ official retail outlet is an exemplar. 

There’s the broad, well-purified smoking lounge, with plush chairs and TV. 

The full bar, replete with high-end spirits and several delicious Cuban rums (most recently, that selection was headlined by a delightful expression from Ron Caney).

And then there’s the humidor itself, as good of a selection as you’ll find in the region, with not just the high-volume brands but connoisseurs’ favorites, too: think Bolivar, El Rey del Mundo, Diplomaticos and the like, even some aged expressions from Sancho Panza, for example.

It’s all here, and it’s a curated, elegant experience that’s an oasis for lovers of the leaf, whether you’re here on a cruise or spending a getaway in St Kitts and Nevis. (The close proximity to the airport means it’s a great place to check in early and then use it as your private departures lounge).

Plainly, it’s the way Caribbean cigar lounges ought to be.


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